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One of the things I’m often asked is
"How on earth did you get started with all this?” Well, we have all experienced momentary lapses of attention, forgetful moments, times when you wonder why the keys are always missing. It all just seems a natural part of a stressful life. However, when a close relative began to see people who were not there I knew that something was drastically wrong. His rapid decline into bewilderment and loss of cognitive function was so alarming that it led me across the globe to seek out the knowledge of experts. After a long journey of research we were able to reverse the cognitive decline in my relative and I am now able to make this knowledge available to others.  I started Brain Regain to help others prevent and reverse cognitive in cognitively challenging situations. Brain Regain has added immense value to our lives, and I love having the chance to share my passion for health with the world. Please explore my site, and enjoy.

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